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changelog – January 2017

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17 Jan 2017

New Features & improvements

  1. Self-Service Password Reset – the label for the username field in the authentication service is now configurable by admins
  2. Self-Service Password Reset – admins can now set a custom return URL after a password has been reset.
  3. Login Control now works on an application by application basis without requiring the App ID in the URL
  4. We have created new a new handling mechanism for IACAuthCodes which improves the tenancy and application validation process during federation
  5. A bug where Single Sign-On wasn’t working correctly with deep linking URLs has now been fixed.
  6. Help information about Self-Service Password Reset has been improved to make the process clearer for users.
  7. A bug where ‘samaccountname’ wasn’t correctly working when accessing a function screen through a SmartLink has now been resolved.