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changelog – February 2018

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February 2018 – Major Release

Cloud Drive Mapper 1.6 – download the latest client EXE/MSI from our resource centre


We’ve made a number of useful enhancements and fixes to the way Cloud Drive Mapper handles cookies with Office 365.

Improvements and Bug fixes include:

  • Folder Redirection has moved from beta to general availability. Full details on how to enable this can be found in the Cloud Drive Mapper Deployment Guide.
  • Auto clean up capabilities to any cookie related issues and general improvements to the performance of the mapping process.
  • Significant improvements to how data is logged. There is now the ability to log to a file, which is especially useful if event logs are locked down.
  • Fix to an issue with Folder Direction on Windows 7 where Cloud Drive Mapper would crash under certain circumstances.
  • Ability to secure information in secure string file as well as credential manager. This is beneficial on machines were the user profiles are trashed and want to hold on to the login details to allow a seamless login experiences across multiple machines.
  • Fixed bug with sign out in environments using ADFS
  • Improvements how Cloud Drive Mapper launches when it is not connected to internet (e.g. when Laptop come out hibernation) so that when Cloud Drive Mapper comes online it is handled silently until connection is established.
  • Better handling of de-mapping of drives on log-out.
  • Fix for a case sensitivity issue on Folder Redirection for videos when using default settings
  • Fix for a capitalisation issue when Folder Redirection is enabled on windows 10
  • Stop refresh happening when Cloud Drive Mapper launches which affected customers who had their own Folder redirection outside of Cloud Drive Mapper to local storage. Cloud Drive Mapper would reset those incorrectly back to windows default rather than the original customised path.
  • Enhancement to avoid desktop and icon refreshes visible to the user.
  • Auto refresh mapped drives from view if File Explorer is open when they change state
  • Added ability to refresh when settings have changed without logging out and back in.