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changelog – February 2017

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28 February 2017 (Minor Release)

API (v17058.01)
  1. Improvements to the searching speed when finding users only with the authentication address containing an @ symbol.

  2. Faster ability for IAM Cloud to remove items from cache when required.

21 February 2017 (Major Release)

  1. Functionality is now added to transfer a custom GUI from one tenancy to another.

Password Service (v2.0)

  1. Password processing has been significantly improved but negating the need to perform resets in our underlying repository.
  2. Trusted source is now available with Agent.
  3. Ability to transform handle password transformations between different encryption types when using federated services.
  4. Previously the password on our underlying repository matched the MD4 password from the source Active Directory (when used). This has now be de-coupled improving security and speed of resets from AD allowing every identity to have a secured randomised password that cannot be matched from any system outside IAM Cloud.
  5. Unlocks many new features to come.


17 February 2017 


Cloud Drive Mapper Release v1.1.0.70

  1. Support added for Generation 3 Authentication service by IAM Cloud
  2. Resolved bugs with caching issues
  3. Better handling for service restarting during saving a file


  1. When checking for SSO Authentication by the IAM Cloud Service the API now returns the Cloud Vault Guid to ensure uniqueness
  2. Bug resolved when saving certain changes to the Authentication UI


  1. The Last Synchronisation timestamp will now be updated from IAM Cloud Platforms last synchronisation rather than a local registry key.
  2. Exports will still run regardless of an IAM Cloud Synchronisation running
  3. Bug fixed where Agent syncs didn’t conform to runbooks


  1. When performing NTLM authentications we have better handling for duplicate users in a single tenancy
  2. On Generation 3 Authentication Services, we now have a new module for handling authentication for Cloud Drive Mapper v1.1.0.70
  3. On Generation 3 Authentication Services, we are now logging to our central repository
  4. On Generation 3 Authentication Services, we now have more telemetry for diagnosing issues with authentication

2 February 2017 

Authentication Service and API release

  1. Performance improvements
  2. Better data and telemetry
  3. Bug resolved when Trusted Source users have SSO enabled
  4. Potential loop when using more than one SSPR option if Identity hadn’t sync’d is resolved
  5. SMS Code validation bug when message took too long to be delivered is resolved
  6. ReturnURL can now be passed in to dynamically return a user to a desired location after completing a function screen such as SSPR
  7. A bug has been resolved in Advanced SSPR where the mail address in some scenarios wasn’t correctly passed into the UI