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changelog – Early November 2019

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Cloud Drive Mapper 2.5 (epic release)

For the latest version of the Cloud Drive Mapper client, download it here.

Important note: Before your upgrade Cloud Drive Mapper across your IT infrastructure, we strongly recommend you to check our knowledge-base for updated documentation, and to briefly test the new client with a small subset of users before deployment. For this release, we specifically recommend you read this documentation on AAD permissions, and follow the instructions accordingly.

  1. (Epic) Added full support for Azure AD SSO including where there is no on-prem Active Directory.
  2. (Epic) Added full support for Azure Conditional Access.
  3. (Major) Multi-language support for English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French and more languages to come. You can set this manually “Language” = set to the appropriate CultureInfo you require e.g. en-GB. “MultiLanguageContext” = true will allow the user to set this themselves by right clicking on the client in the system tray.
  4. (Major) ‘PreClearDown’=true reg key added to remove all cache/cookies before CDM process properly begins. This can significantly improve the overall drive mapping stability for customers who experiencing cookie issues causing drives to periodically drop out or not map correctly at launch.
  5. We’ve fixed a bug when the DriveMapping key doesn’t exist when using SiteLicence
  6. We’ve embedded all language files into the EXE so they are no longer satellite assemblies
  7. Fixed bug if the log location in WriteLogToFile reg key does not exist
  8. Added refresh option to manage drives so the SharePoint site list will periodically refresh from Office 365 asynchronously
  9. Fixed a bug where searching for a drive in Manage Drives, and pressing enter unintentionally removed the populated list
  10. Fixed a bug when managing a drive and users try to input an invalid entry by copy and pasting while editing an existing mapping
  11. When you remove a drive from Manage Drives it will now unmap that drive
  12. When you edit a drive letter from Manage Drives it will unmap the old drive and add the new one
  13. We now have a reg key called “ManageDriveBlockDriveList” which is a comma list “A,B,Z” for any drive letters you do not want your users to be able to map drives to from within Manage Drives.
  14. We now have the ability to refresh drives when using a site licence
  15. Removed language options from the MSI (as it is now embedded directly in EXE)
  16. Ensures drives that show in the manage drive and in converged drives have the directory.browser permission on
  17. Fixed a bug where a converged drive uses a drive letter that’s already in use as a mapped drive
  18. Fixed an issue where users were being prompted to authenticate more often than they should.
  19. Added the ability for the cache path to be configured using the regkey ‘BaseCachePath’, which includes static paths or environment variables, e.g:
    BaseCachePath = “%localappdata%/CDM”
  20. Added the ability to not use the custom SharePoint and Teams icons on the converge and instead use normal folder icons, you can now add the reg key DisableCustomIcons = true and it will just revert to standard Windows folder icons.
  21. Performance improvements to the frequency of drive refreshes
  22. Now if the system admin configures a drive that is also being consumed in a custom drive, Cloud Drive Mapper ensures it uses the admin drive and not the custom drive
  23. We’ve added a number of improvements to the logging system to help better troubleshoot issues more easily.
  24. Added additional logging around the new Azure AD integration
  25. In verbose mode the browser now will automatically be verbose, a new key is added called BrowserVerbose
  26. Cloud Drive Mapper’s Site Licence mode now supports standalone machine verification
  27. Removed any whitespace/popups when comparing the signed-in user with the user Cloud Drive Mapper has detected
  28. Increased default Chromium version to 79
  29. MSI exe now does not have the compiled DLLs embedded