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changelog – August 2016

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Authentication Services Release 12

The latest version of the IAM Cloud platform includes major updates to our authentication services.

Users can now navigate directly via a smart link from their desktop, to a holding screen where they can choose if they want to reset their password via ‘Known Password Reset’ or Self Service Password Reset’ giving them greater flexibility over how they manage their passwords.

We have now brought User Account Lockout to Self Service Password Reset. When a user tries to restore their password through the security questions in ‘Self Service Password Reset’ they only have a limited number of times they can try (as set by the Passwords Policies in the IAM Cloud Portal). If they go over the limit they will be automatically locked out of the system.

General updates:

  • Options custom screen (see above)
  • User locking on Self Service Password Reset
  • Adding application ID for application identifiers and domain names
  • IdpInitiatedSignOn Issue fixed

BETA release updates (only available for BETA testing customers):

The TouchPoint framework is now available for BETA testing customers. TouchPoint allows IT admins to quickly and effectively prompt their users to do important tasks via the login box.

Users are forced to read a message or accomplish a task before they can log in. It has almost unlimited potential for different modules, including attribute management, EULA acceptance, payment gateways and is extensible to allow custom modules to be developed in tandem with any application. The release includes:

  • Touchpoint Framework
  • Touchpoint Integration in Authentication Servcies:
    • Pre-Auth Touchpoints
    • Post-Auth Touchpoint
    • Message Touchpoint
    • KPR Touchpoint
    • SSPR answers Touchpoint
    • Blocking Touchpoint

If you would like to be part of BETA testing please contact us on