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changelog – April 2019

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April 2019 – Minor Release

Cloud Drive Mapper (version

Cloud Drive Mapper 2.3 brought in a large number of improvements and a major upgrade to our authentication and cookie system. Cloud Drive Mapper has some further enhancements and fixes for SharePoint permissions, and improved re-try logic for when Office 365 doesn’t successfully provide a refresh token when requested.

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR ALL CLOUD DRIVE MAPPER CUSTOMERS: For existing customers who are upgrading from Cloud Drive Mapper 2.1 or below, as well as customers completely new to CDM, there is one small but very important one-off process that is required to implement Cloud Drive Mapper 2.3 and above. It involves registering the CDM client with Azure AD and granting your users’ permissions to access it.

Please read this step-by-step guide on how to grant AAD permissions before you upgrade.

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR CUSTOMERS USING ADFS FOR OFFICE 356 SSO: Cloud Drive Mapper 2.3 now uses Chromium (the Chrome browser engine) as part of its authentication and cookie-handling system. In order for Cloud Drive Mapper to work with Single Sign-On via ADFS, you will need to have enabled support for the Chrome browser.

Download the latest version of Cloud Drive Mapper (EXE/MSI) from our Resource Center 

Improvements in version

  • Fix for 4317 cookie error plus added improvements for other random cookie issues with the auto healing process
  • Fixed “<null>” issue when Office 365 failed to re-issue a refresh token during the ADAL process
  • Added ability to DisablePermissionCheck. This is a regkey which can be set to true/false. This is useful for cases whereby the customer is not able to grant permissions to Cloud Drive Mapper in Azure AD. By default the following behaviours when mapping SharePoint are as follows:
    1. If it IsTrial and the key is not set it will NOT do permission check when mapping SP Lib
    2. If it IsTrial and the key is set to False it WILL do the permission check when mapping SP Lib
    3. Outside of trial either no key or it set to False WILL perform permission check when mapping SP Lib.
    4. If the key is True it will NOT do perm check
  • We have fixed an install issue preventing MSI to roll-over previous release correctly
  • Additional logs to help diagnose issues