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changelog – April 2016

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NTLM Release (Major update)

We have released a major upgrade to the IAM Cloud platform to provide better functionality with ADAL. This enables SSO to work correctly on Office applications, OneDrive, Dynamics CRM and Edge along with other ADAL based services.

When ADAL was released it changed the underlying protocol, and IAM Cloud had to adjust some major components internally so that we could perform SSO over the WS-Trust 1.3 endpoints – which is what ADAL uses. We have now successfully released this into our live platform, and an update to our authentication service to leverage this new functionality will follow on Tuesday 3rd May.

Authentication service updates

  • Authentication Web Service endpoint added
  • User Locking System implemented
  • Functional Improvements to Sign In Page
  • Password Policies: Exclusion Words update
  • Exception catching refactoring
  • Improvements to Trusted Source Single Sign On
  • API call refactoring
  • Fixes to samaccountname
  • Improvements to data access layer
  • PowerBI SSO improvements
  • Improvements to customer detection system from

Portal improvements

  • Dashboard improvements
  • Password Policies
  • Synchronisation fix
  • Object Class attribute added to classifications
  • Agent Slots implementation
  • Joining rules validation process