IAM Cloud Brand Guidelines for Partners

We welcome partners and suppliers advertising their relationship with us and our products. We're happy for suppliers to say we use their products. And of course we love it when our partners advertise our products and their expertise in using and deploying them. However we have a few simple guidelines we like our partners and suppliers to follow when using our logos and branding.

No imitation

Yes, it's the greatest form of flattery, but please don't adopt our branding as your own or suggest that you are in any way part of IAM Cloud. Nor make any false claims about being either the creator or the exclusive distributor of our products in your region. As it currently stands we have no exclusivity agreements with any partners. It's not personal and we have other ways to reward partner loyalty.

No tweaks

Sure, you might be a better logo designer than us, but all the same please don't edit any of our logos or brand assets. Please don't change the colours, stretch the images, crop parts out or shuffle components around. Our colour logo/icon should only appear on white backgrounds, and our white logo/icon should only appear on black, grey or colour backgrounds.

No overreach

So long as you stick to these guidelines, we're happy for you to use our logos, product descriptions, and you can even co-brand our product PDFs as our partner. But please don't screenshot or download other image assets from our website or products. The only exception for this is if you're recording an instructional demo or blog post about one of our products - then you're good to go.

If in doubt, ask

We're passionate about building strong relationships with our partners, and we always try to be flexible and reasonable. So if you're wanting to do something with our branding and you're not sure whether it's within our guidelines or not, please feel free to just ask. You can reach our marketing team at marketing@iamcloud.com and we'll see what we can do to help.