Advanced Active Directory Migration as a Managed Service

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Active Directory (AD) migration can be a difficult and expensive job requiring expensive proprietary software and the substantial support of skilled consultants working on-premises…not anymore. The IAM Cloud platform ingeniously uses the cloud to securely flow identities and other objects between AD domains & forests.

Our cloud-based solution is an extension of our powerful identity management platform. By extending the functionality of our platform’s integration with Active Directory, we have created the most advanced AD migration tool in the world.

Our Active Directory integration has sophisticated security and encryption processes, and is significantly faster and more convenient than any other solution on the market. If you want to merge a large number of ADs together to consolidate and centralise your user management, or if you simply want to move a single OU or smaller sub-unit of users from one AD to another, IAM Cloud can handle any identity scenario flawlessly.

Migrate Users, OUs & Groups

Migrate Computer Objects

Simple Fully-Managed Experience

Securely Migrates Hashed Passwords

Migrates Security Identifier (SID) History

Cost Effective & Convenient

Why migrate?

For many organisations, the AD is one of the most important components of IT infrastructure. It is a central element of the user authentication process. You need an optimally configured AD implementation to enable synchronisation with cloud-based or hybrid-cloud applications.

  • Consolidate users from multiple ADs into one system for easier management
  • Split users out of an AD if a branch organisation is sold or spun-out into a new venture.
  • Identity housekeeping to re-organise, re-structure and simplify AD domains and forests.
  • Geo-political, data protection, compliance and regulatory reasons to separate or move AD data.
  • When organisations merge or are acquired, they may consolidate and centralise user management
  • Cleaning up ADs is good practice to remove garbage accounts, and associated security risks.

Save a huge amount of time, effort and money…all while reducing risk

We are global leaders in identity management, and we are the only service in the world that can do economically viable Active Directory migration at scale. The IAM Cloud platform ingeniously uses the cloud to flow Active Directory data between systems.

You can migrate users from any number of AD systems, to any number of other AD systems. Users can be migrated group-by-group to give you granular control over the migration process and users can be migrated any number of times.

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