IAM Cloud provides Identity and Access Management for millions of people across the world.

We've created an innovative Azure-based service that allows you to manage information about people intelligently, securely, and at any scale. IAM Cloud removes the single points of failure, complexity and risks associated with other solutions while providing people with a familiar experience to access their applications.  No portal to log into; simply open a shortcut on the desktop and the application opens. IAM Cloud then provides authentication in the background so people can focus on their work. 

By concentrating an organization's user attributes to our IAM Cloud Vault and adding some intelligent capture of behavioral data, IAM Cloud can provision and deprovision accounts across disparate systems, seamlessly move them between Active Directories, provide granular access control to applications, and easily integrate into other solutions that are Identity driven. IAM Cloud makes businesses smarter, IT teams less stressed, and people happy.*

The bottom line. Better vision. Reduced costs. Less complexity. Identity Focused. Identity First.

*Happiness is derived from within, IAM Cloud does not guarantee spontaneous outbursts of joy will occur when people stop having to worry about their passwords and start focusing on getting things done. But they might.

People are talking about IAM Cloud

"Beforehand I was a little concerned that IAM Cloud being located in the UK and us some 6 hours behind in Iowa, we would have problems with regard to getting support. But, there have been no problems. Whenever we have had an issue we have always been able to contact them, no matter what the time of day here, and they have given us a resolution the same day. As well as responding quickly they have helped us out in other areas like with Powershell scripting, so overall I am very pleased with the service that IAM Cloud provides to us." -Phil Brown, IT Technical Consultant, Linn-Mar High School