IAM Cloud is a cloud-based IT Management service with millions of users.

The IAM Cloud IT Management platform provides innovative IT services to a wide range of organisations, businesses and education providers. Our platform manages information about people simply, intelligently, securely, flexibly and at any scale. IAM Cloud helps organisations with identity and access management (IAM), single sign-on (SSO), automated plan provisioning for Office 365, Multi-Factor Authentication, Active Directory migration, compliance management, access control, Password Reset, and enterprise storage.

IAM Cloud launches dedicated website for education

In the wake of being named 2015 Microsoft Partner of the Year for Education and in preparation for a number of new major advancements in the education sector, we’ve launched edu.iamcloud.com to provide dedicated support to Education. We will continue to support Corporate, Government and Nonprofit customers on this site – at least until they get dedicated sites of their own.


IAM Cloud win prestigious Microsoft award

IAM Cloud have been named the 2015 Microsoft Partner of the Year in the Public Sector: Education category. Find out more.

We take a complicated challenge for organisations, and make it easy.

Our customers can focus on what they do best, safe in the knowledge that their users receive a seamless experience when accessing their applications, all user provisioning and de-provisioning is automatically being taken care of, and their users are being looked after by some of the leading identity management people in the world. We pride ourselves on the simplicity of our services, the security of our system, the power of our features, and the experience we provide our customers. IAM Cloud provides instant and continuing value right across our customer’s organisations. IAM Cloud empowers IT teams, increases productivity, security and user-experience, and reduces costs while helping customers to better respond to changing demands. Find out more about the IAM Cloud service.

We provide enterprise-grade SSO

By eliminating multiple passwords and the need for users to log in separately to each application, Single Sign On increases security and productivity. But SSO is not all the same… With IAM Cloud, SSO comes with unparalleled power and control over user access and security.

We’re people-people.

Our focus on people, partnership and collaboration sets us apart from other identity providers on the scene. We don’t provide a product, we provide the IAM Cloud platform as a service, and we work closely with customers and partners to make sure our platform perfectly suits their needs.

Customer testimonials

I am really happy with the level of expertise, service and support that IAM Cloud have displayed during the entire project and feel confident that when we come to move onto our permanent infrastructure and roll Office 365 out to students, the benefits of IAM Cloud will be immense.

Paul Rayson

Technical Strategy Consultant, Newham College London

The guys at IAM Cloud were excellent. They were enthusiastic about their services and it showed in the level of service we received. They assisted us though a painful migration from Live@edu to Office 365, and at every point offered us suggestions and possible solutions to help remediate a situation where they were not the responsible party.

Justin Moses

Director of Data Centre Operations, Barry University

We wanted to have an authentication system that could be highly available, even if we needed to perform maintenance on our internal systems and IAM Cloud provided that – not just for Office365, but for our LMS and ERP systems as well.

Chip DiComo

Director of Technology, Broward College

Although we are still in the process of moving all our users over to Office 365 I can see already that we have made the right decision. I feel confident that we now have in place an e-mail system with secure and easy to use authentication that will support the company going forward for many years to come.

Craig Mcphail

Regional IT Manager for Europe, KBC